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International Engineering Unit Lan Zhibin


At 15:30 in the afternoon on 15th November in Ethiopia, on the count of Jiang Renqing, general manager of Zhejiang Bayong International Branch, the first spiral steel pipe pile started drilling, kicking off the construction of, marking a brand-new stage of the construction of the road project.


The Lare-Newjikawo-Ningang project is the first project that the group company won in the form of general contracting in overseas bidding. With overseas projects growing, the group company established Zhejiang Bayong International Engineering Company in March this year, comprising three departments responsible for administration, engineering and operation, responsible for all of Bayong Group's overseas projects. The Lare-Newjikawo-Ningang project site is on the border of Ethiopia and South Sudan, stretching from Lare to Ningang in Gambella in the western region of Ethiopia, with a total length of 34.405 km. River Baro, the longest river in Gambella flowing to South Sudan, bisects the project road. The width of River Baro at K18+780 is in the region of 170 meters. Currently, people on both sides can cross the river only by canoe. This project includes building a 200-meter cast-in-place bridge above River Baro, after the completion of which, the exchanges between people on both sides will be greatly promoted.



In order to facilitate construction of the subgrade on the southern bank of River Baro and the superstructure of the cast-in-place bridge, the engineering department planned to erect a steel trestle bridge above the river, in accordance with the overall planning and deployment of the parent company and in combination with the actual situation on site. The steel trestle bridge is 180 meters long, located at 10.95 meters upstream of the River Baro Bridge (side-to-side distance 3.45 meters), of which the bridge deck is 6 meters wide with a single lane layout, the basic structure consists of three-pillar spiral steel pipe piles (Φ529×8mm), with the distance between each pile being 2.56 meters and their average length 20 meters. On top of the spiral steel pipe piles are steel plates (600×700×10mm). The load-bearing beam adopts double-stranded 32b I-beams, with three sets of 321-type beret beams on its top, on which 25b I-beams are laid as bridge deck beams that 12 I-beams are laid upon as longitudinal distribution beams for it. The deck carriageway panel adopts  checkered steel plates (1260×6000×6mm), using steel pipes (Φ48×3.5mm) as guardrails on both sides of the bridge deck. XCMG XGC55 crawler crane, DZ90A vibration hammer and 300KW generator are used in construction of the steel trestle bridge which is expected to last 45 days.



Once the proposal of erecting a steel trestle bridge above River Baro had been presented, the construction supervisor, the government of Gambella and officials of ERA expressed great interest. Leadership of ERA gave numerous calls inquiring the progress of the transit of steel trestle material to the construction site, and officials of the Gambella government even paid visit to the site for times, asking when the construction commences and whether or not assistance is needed throughout construction. After the steel trestle materials had been transported to the site, the construction supervisor consulted our staff repeatedly the method with constructing a steel trestle bridge, and sent people to take pictures throughout the process of construction for grasping the method.


▲当地群众围观钢栈桥首桩试打 Local onlookers observing the test drilling of the first steel pipe pile




In early January 2021, the construction of the Steel Trestle Bridge above Rive Baro was successfully completed which marks the end to the history that the local could only travel between two sides of the river by canoe. In this regard, the Government of Gambella of Ethiopia expressed its high appreciation and decided to hold a grand opening-to-traffic ceremony on January 16th.


在通车仪式上,受邀前来的埃塞俄比亚公路局代表Mr. James表示:“浙江八咏公路工程有限公司钢栈桥的专业施工速度、结构设计以及先进的施工方法让公路局印象深刻,虽然是临时性便桥,但是其质量令人赞赏。”甘贝拉州州长Mr. Omod和副州长Mr. Thankuaw发表了热情洋溢的演讲,他们说:“因为浙江八咏的到来,为甘贝拉州建设了历史上第一座钢栈桥,结束了当地人民在旱季浅水时机涉水而渡,雨季洪水季节乘独木舟而行的历史;以前,从甘贝拉州政府到宁杭镇的绕路车程为5小时,而此桥建成后通程时间仅为2小时,为当地老百姓出行以及对外出售农产品极大的节约了时间和成本。”州长还表示,通车仪式结束后,州政府将派驻10名全副武装的特警担任钢栈桥的桥体安全和通行安全。在两岸各设一个车站,老百姓下车后,限时段步行通过钢栈桥再到对岸换乘,以此保障不干扰浙江八咏公司对主桥的施工。两岸人民也表示赞同并会积极的响应和配合。

At the opening-to-traffic ceremony, Mr. James, the representative of the Ethiopia Highway Authority, said: “The professionalism, the construction progress, the structural design and the advanced methods of the construction of the steel trestle bridge of Zhejiang Bayong Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. impressed the Highway Authority, though it is for temporary use, its quality is admirable." Mr. Omod, governor of Gambella, and Mr. Thankuaw, deputy Governor both delivered an enthusiastic speech. They said: “Because of the arrival of Bayong, the first steel trestle bridge in history has been erected in Gambella, ending the history of local people wading through shallow waters during dry season and canoeing in rainy and flood season. In the past, it took 5 hours to detour from the government of Gambella to Ninghang. After the construction of the bridge has been completed, the amount of time is a mere 2 hours, which saves a great deal of time and costs for local people travelling around and selling agricultural produce to the outside world.” The governor also said that the government would send in 10 fully-armed personnel from SWAT after the ceremony, ensuring traffic security and the safety of the bridge, and set up two bus stops, with each on one side of the bridge, for the multitude to transfer after they get off from the opposite stop and walk across the bridge within the limited time frame, so as to ensure that the construction of the main bridge by Bayong is not disturbed. People on both sides of the river have also consented to it and are willing to respond to the governor’s calling and cooperate with the government.


Subsequently, Ou Xueyun, the commercial manager of the project department, delivered a speech on behalf of the project department and the group company, saying that the completion of the bridge is only an accomplishment of Zhejiang Bayong Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. in the middle stages of the sub-project, and the team still have many construction tasks left undone, and it will continue to speed up the construction progress in strict accordance with the instructions of the Highway Authority, actively cooperate with the supervision team to ensure the quality, quantity and professionalism of the construction, and stay closely in touch with and collaborate with the government to complete the project under the contract as soon as possible, submitting a satisfactory answer sheet to residents in Gambella "

▲钢栈桥通车 Open to Traffic

州长Mr. Omod宣布通车庆祝活动正式开始之后,巴洛河两岸人民欢呼鼓舞,身穿部落民族服饰的男女老少,载歌载舞、杀牛宰羊以见证这历史性的一刻。

After Mr. Omod announced the commencement of the opening-to-traffic celebrations, people on both sides of the River burst into cheer. Men and women, the young and the old were all in their tribal costumes. Singing, dancing and slaughtering cattles and sheep, they all bore witness to the historic moment.


The construction of the steel trestle bridge above River Baro is the one for the first time being carried out by the professional Chinese construction crew of Bayong Group and adopts the salary management mechanism of professional construction crew after the founding of Bayong International Branch. It is said that the very steel trestle being built this time is the first ever bailey beam steel trestle to erect over River Baro as well as Gambella in Ethiopia, which has a history of more than 3,000 years. n 24th November, 1970, China and Ethiopia officially established diplomatic relations; 50 years later, Bayong Group pays tribute to Ethiopia with its Lare-Newjikawo-Ningang project in which many things are firsts for the country. In 2020, with the pandemic still raging across the globe, China and Ethiopia help each other and pull together in times of trouble, setting the paragon of Sino-African pandemic-combating operation in the spirit of solidarity. With mutual effort and endeavor, the China-Ethiopian relation is bound to reach a new high, creating a promising future for people of both countries.


Ever since it implemented its Cooperation and Resource Utilization strategy in 2015, Bayong Group has set up its subsidiary responsible for international engineering, independently carried out bid-related activities, construction and multinational logistics, in the course of which it has amassed invaluable experience and nurtured numerous talents. With the tutelage of the board of director and its chairman, Xu Yuguang, Bayong group, remaining true to the purpose and the onus as a private firm, has proactively participated in the construction of "21st century Maritime Silk Road", and cultivated a road to overseas construction with Bayong’s characteristics. To quote a line fromLI SAO,a classic Chinese literature, “The road ahead is long and has no ending; yet high and low I will search with my will unbending,” in building an ever more closely intertwined Sino-African community with a shared future, Bayongers are bound to play an active role.